Top 4 Green Travel Tips
Sustainability. Convenience. Reliability. 

The three words above describe the ways in which we all strive to live our daily lives. At least we try. With the help of advances in modern day technology, these attempts are made a little bit easier every day.  

If you sat on a airplane right now, the person next to you would most likely have their own organic snacks, reusable water bottle and a lightweight luggage bag made from 100% recycled materials. 

JUS Power Up offers the average environmentally-friendly consumer the chance to travel with a healthy conscious. The slim, stylish JUS iPhone case has no need for a power cord providing you with charge for your iPhone indoors or outdoors, no matter what the weather conditions, altitude or location. 

Wireless travel should be a necessity, not a luxury. Check out these Top 4 ways to travel Green with JUS: 

Even in the middle of nowhere, get that peaceful night's sleep knowing your iPhone will always have power.

JUS Power UP

No matter where you like to relax, even if it's at the hottest night club or music festival across the country, feel secure that your phone won't ever die on you in that crowd.  

JUS Power Up

We know, when you get to the beach, you don't want to leave. With JUS Power Up, you don't have to! Catch those rays all day without having to worry. 

JUS Power Up

Even in the middle of mother nature, don't stress about missing out on the most beautiful photo opportunities - with JUS Power Up, you'll capture every last moment. 

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