How to Live a Green Lifestyle and Look Good Doing It!
How To Live a Green (and Fashionable) Lifestyle

It's Fashion week in New York City. Besides gorgeous models and stunning new designs from the industry's best, Fashion week brings long hours away from the office, computer and home. Risking the chance that you may or may not find an outlet when out and about on the town is a big undertaking! Most likely your phone will be dead before the good shows even start. This means less opportunity to capture the perfect photo for Instagram, video for Snapchat or time to just sit down and catch up on emails. 

We've all seen those big, bulky cell phone case options and let's be honest, they just don't cut it for the like-minded fashionistas. If the case can't fit inside a statement piece clutch, it's just not happening. Enter the JUS PowerUp case for the iPhone. It's a super slim case that fits your iPhone just like a skin! You no longer need to sacrifice the integrity of your fashion statement with bulky and boring tech accessories. JUS is also solar powered so you never have to worry about draining the life out of your most valuable accessory! Recharge anytime, anywhere. Even when sitting front row! 

Fashion and tech are combining worlds and it starts with JUS. Make every second of this year's fashion week count!