Conserve Energy And Save The Planet?

What can you do to help #savetheplanet?  Certainly you can recycle and you can most definitely join an environment group to spread the word and conserve energy too.  Did you know that if just one individual began employing just one green activity daily they could make a huge dent in the environment?  Now, imagine if thousands started doing so?  Conserving energy can be done even when you’re shopping!  How?  Just use JUS and turn your cell phone green! 


JUS will guarantee your phone won’t waste energy and will gain a fast charge all with the push of button.  It will prevent wastefulness by never overcharging your iPhone—all because of a smart circuit that not only prevents overcharging, but also prevents a short circuit!  What could be more awesome than an accessory like this for your phone that fits like a second skin too!  

Advanced Green Technology Keeping You Connected

The steps to apply JUS to your iPhone for charging the battery are simple and easy--nothing is complicated.  You can shop all day and stay connected with friends and family without qualms! Just hold the on/off button on the back of the JUS case for only 2 seconds to activate it and turn on auxiliary power.   

JUS doesn't need full sun to work either, in fact it can provide a full charge to your phone without any light at all, at least twice!  If you're out shopping from 8 AM to late in the evening, JUS gives you convenience, reliability and sustainable energy!