Where Could Your Low Phone Battery Leave You?
Are you ready to post that fabulous #selfie to Instagram?  Oh, wait--don't say it!  You can't post--because you've just realized your phone battery has choked.  Don't feel bad, we've all been there. There is no worse feeling than realizing you're stuck without a charge and your iPhone has just become useless technology in your hands.  No one is going to enjoy that Instagram selfie anytime soon, are they?

But, what if you had an accessory for your iPhone which could guarantee a powerful charge, one that wouldn't leave you holding your breath--enter in JUS! This amazing rechargeable iPhone case is the solution you've been looking for!  The sleek, thin style will feel good in your hands and flatter your iPhone, leaving others amazed and wanting.

You don't have to worry about passing on those bonfires with friends anymore as this solar battery case for the iPhone 6 will keep you connected instead of others that will leave you stranded! 

While it's natural for your phone's battery to drain throughout the day this is totally avoidable when you have access to technology like JUS that keeps everything simple and workable when you need it the most.  It's also guaranteed to be earth friendly at all times!

An Earth Friendly Device You Can Rely On

Yes, we said it--you can rely on JUS! This provides you with the reliability you've been looking for, whether you're at a rave out in the middle of nowhere, or you're camping in Yosemite.  This is all about clean, dependable solar energy!  JUS allows you to enjoy real freedom, freedom to dance the night away and still capture it all with your iPhone!