Greener Ways To Charge Your Phone

Whether you're a sincere environmentalist, or simply someone who enjoys the thought of #cleanenergy --it's very possible you've been seeking greener ways to charge your iPhone. 

The good news is that this is possible with JUS! This handy solar battery case is one of the thinnest, more stylish and totally convenient today!  The best news--you'll never be without a charge again and this protects the planets' health too! 

An iPhone Accessory That Is Just User Friendly

The majority of consumers will be drawn to JUS because it's not only affordable, but user friendly as well.  Most importantly--JUS offers an advanced solar battery case for iPhone 6 users, which can eliminate damaging carbon footprints perfectly.  You can live greener than ever, but maintain your iPhone integrity at the same time and any place! 

It's totally amazing, right?  We certainly hope you think so, because we definitely find it to be the perfect tool for #iPhone users right now!

JUS proves you don't have to search forever for the perfect solar battery case to guarantee green energy charging at all. You can be assured this smart accessory won't let you down when you need it the most.  For instance, while traditional charging devices will continue to consume energy, JUS does not.  As it is charging your iPhone it is charging itself as well—ultimately conserving energy naturally! This is exactly why it is considered a smarter, more reliable green battery charger! 

Make your iPhone smarter, sleeker and more reliable with JUS today!  For more information, please visit