Is Sustainable Energy The Future For A Greener World?

Happier.  Cleaner.  Healthier.  Yes, all of these things are possible when you choose to change bad habits!  How about starting with how you manage your iPhone?

Just imagine having a role in creating a #greenerfuture!

With JUS--now you can.  You don't have to worry about excessive energy consumption, dangerous carbon footprints or being tethered to a charging cable any longer!  Quite honestly, JUS is paving the way for sustainable energy when it comes down to convenient and economical ways to charge your iPhone naturally.

Once You Go Green You Don’t Go Back!

Yes, JUS just might prove to be one solar case and charger leading to a greener future.  Whether remote or in the city, iPhone users simply turn to natural light to get that charge on their iPhone—and this keeps your iPhone ready for use wherever you are!  With this type of convenience, how can you really go wrong?

Don't you think it's time you join the ranks of thousands of others who want to ensure sustainable energy for the future of the planet? Think, safe, green and affordable all in one and you've got the perfect #solarbatterycase for charging the iPhone 6 including the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.  

Charge Your iPhone With Renewable Energy

It's definitely less expensive, specifically when you don't need to rely on plugging into the wall for power! The fact is JUS solar battery case doesn't just provide greener energy.  JUS also works well in a hazardous situation or in an emergency when you need a reliable power source the most!  Solar energy is simply sustainable energy because it requires no synthetic source. It's green at its best!