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Sustainability. Convenience. Reliability. The three words above describe the ways in which we all strive to live our daily lives. At least we try. With the help of advances in modern day technology, ... Meet the game changer
How To Live a Green (and Fashionable) LifestyleIt's Fashion week in New York City. Besides gorgeous models and stunning new designs from the industry's best, Fashion week brings long hours away from t ... Meet the game changer
What can you do to help #savetheplanet?  Certainly you can recycle and you can most definitely join an environment group to spread the word and conserve energy too.  D ... Meet the game changer
Are you ready to post that fabulous #selfie to Instagram?  Oh, wait--don't say it!  You can't post--because you've just realized your phone battery has choked.  Don't feel bad, we've al ... Meet the game changer
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The Ultimate Accessory For Your New iPhone 6s Ok, the new iPhone 6s release is here and ready for pre-order. We know, we can't wait either. You’ve made a big investment so we’re here to make ... Meet the game changer
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JUS is here folks, and you can now take full advantage of that new iPhone! Truly, it’s time to really light up the night and get the party hot!  What mor ...